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If you are the owner of a house or apartment in Zarautz or Getaria, we invite you to consider our complete holiday rental management service with all the advantages that vacation rentals can provide you.

We take care of everything.

Sometimes due to distance, time or lack of experience, it is not possible for you to manage the rental of your own accommodation. ATeRiAN offers customized solutions to cover all aspects for a complete holiday rental management. This includes house cleaning, laundry, maintenance, a personalized guest service, and of course, the commercialization of the property through multiple channels.
We adapt your property to the premium segment of the market. Our team of collaborators includes legal & insurance advisors, architects, decorators, photographers and the most trusted service professionals in the area. This allows us to adapt your property to our high standards of quality and design, so you don’t need to worry about anything until it is ready for commercialization. Always with a complete peace of mind that you comply with the current legislation, since we can apply and obtain the tourist registration license on your behalf.

Optimal maintenance of your property

One of the biggest advantages of vacation rentals, contrary to what you may believe, is much better maintenance of the property. Our team continually checks the condition of the apartment, making sure that it is always in a pristine condition, both for the guest and for the owner. The detection & solution of small repairs or defects prevents larger repairs and costs in the future.

Availability and control of your home

As owner, you have direct access to our reservation system, from where you will be able to access the calendar for your accommodation, monitor the status of your reservations & settlements, and allow you to block any dates when you wish to make use of your accommodation.

Our guests

We mainly receive foreign customers from Europe and from the rest of the world, ranging from families with children, groups of friends to retired couples who normally stay in 4- and 5-star hotels. The more local Iberian peninsula customers generally come from large cities and from a medium-high purchasing power. All of them seek quality, comfort, design, and above all, a local, close and personalized treatment. In fact, our team can serve our clients in Basque, Catalan, English, French, and Japanese.
Every day we work to increase the loyalty of our customers, who repeat each year or even several times a year with us.

Local experience

We focus only on Zarautz and Getaria which allows us to ensure the quality levels of our service. The proximity to the client allows us to react rapidly to your requests and possible emergencies. Likewise, we work mainly with local suppliers, who understand the importance of giving a professional service without losing sight of the roots and local experience that our clients come in search of.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested and would like to receive more information.

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